No Nonsense Podcast

#041 - Raj Nagappan - agile 2

June 3, 2022

Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson for a conversation with Raj Nagappan on using Agile 2 to create awesome products. The early Agile movement was a rebellion against traditional command and control waterfall development that was failing everyone. Agile is a very important paradigm shift that has led to great improvements but it hasn't evolved as we have learnt more. Agile 2 is an evolution of Agile that brings it up to date with a focus on Thoughtfulness and prescription.; Outcomes and outputs.; Individuals and teams.; Business understanding and technical understanding.; Individual empowerment and good leadership; Adaptability and planning.


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Connect with Raj on LinkedIn or read about agile 2 @,  Murray via email or Shane in the Twitter-sphere  @shagility.


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